Ropes, sign frames and wall receptacles

Traditional Ropes and Sign Frame

Traditional Ropes


  • Wide range of rope colours
  • Velvet or natural looking, weather resistant polypropylene
  • Each rope includes 2 snap-ends


  • Connection between ropes and post.


For quick attachment and detachment, the rope ends are equipped with snap-ends.

Wall Receptacle

The practical solution for the attachment of ropes between the post and the wall or between two walls. Dimensions: 30 x 30 mm

Polypropylene Rope*

Velvet Rope*

*Typograhically caused color variations possible.

Sign Frame

Aluminium Sign Frame

Aluminium sign frames are an ideal supplement to traditional posts as they effectively display information or messages.

Available as follows:

  • A4 horizontal format / A4 vertical format
  • A3 horizontal format / A3 vertical format

Acrylic Frames

Possibility to fit to Luxor and Style posts. It can be integrated into a guidance system and allows for the easy insertion and exchange of signs and messages.

Available as follows:

  • A4 vertical format
  • A3 vertical format

Posts with Frames

Luxor post is also available with a direct frame connection without the head ring.

Available as follows:

  • A4 vertical format / A4 horizontal format
  • A3 vertical format / A3 horizontal format

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