People Control

Automating the customer flow

Our solutions for People Control interact with the customer flow in order to improve or automate it. This helps to increase the efficiency and the service quality.


Queue Control

Changing the walkways within a queue or balancing people from part of the queue to another, can be done automatically with our Smart Gates in our Queue Control solution. This standardises the queueing process and fully automates the change without the need of manual intervention.

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Flow Control

Flow Control automates the call forward process with sensors and a powerful algorithm. It helps customers finding their from the end of the queue to the next available service desk or counter which is indicated on screens. The algorithm optimises the equal usage of each service desk and can also prioritise the customers in special queues.

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Call Forward system

With the Call Forward system, customers can be called manually to the next available service desk.

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Virtual Queueing

Virtual Queueing aviods that custoemrs need to stand in line while waiting. They register either on a local device or on their smartphone for a certain service. When it is their turn, they get notified on screens or on their smartphone. The queue can be sorted manually or automatically depending on the type of service or specific customers can be prioritised.

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