The "Call Forward" system directs customers to the next available service point using digital voice and audio cues or arrows and text displayed on a LCD monitor. QtracCF optimises customer throughput and increases service efficiency promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Educate and inform your customers

Promotional stills or videos can play between queuing prompts. Keeping customers engaged can reduce their perceived wait time by up to 50 percent. Up to 6 different interrupt modes allow media to play full or split screen messages. Use the built-in LCD display or connect to your own monitor. Utilise mutiple media formats: .bmp, .jpeg, .mpeg, .wmv.

Ready for use as is or customise to your own specifications

QtracCF is a powerful system that can be configured to your exact needs. Qtrac's wireless communication (Z-wave technology) enables fast and easy installation. Choose audio alerts, multi-language voice-prompts, dual voices and custom text and images. Customise fonts, background images, sound and text. View your configured set-up in real-time before going live.

Flexibility meets your changeing needs

Qtrac comes standard with advanced features. It can be configured from almost any PC and media can be quickly updated. Wireless technology makes it easy to add or move up to 99 station remotes. Wireless control numerous peripheral devices such as station lights or security doors. Centralised, web-based setup of media data with a media manager.

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