Virtual Queueing


Are long lines impacting your customer experience and costing your business money? Studies have proven that, in general, as waiting time increases, customer satisfaction decreases. Virtual queuing is a powerful solution that can improve the customer experience simply by eliminating the physical line.

Disperse waiting crowds:

  • Create a more pleasant waiting environment
  • Free customers to continue shopping while they wait
  • Decrease perceived wait times
  • Let customers arrive for service when you are ready to serve them

Virtual queuing leverages technology to manage service queues and optimize customer flow by:

  • Virtually placing customers into a queue for service
  • Calling customers to be served
  • Monitoring and managing customers and service allocation
  • Optimizing wait times and service efficiency


  • Transportation (Rebooking/Ticketing)
  • Retail (online pick-up, customer support, product returns)
  • Healthcare
  • Authorities / Public Services


Mobile Enabled
Two-Way Text Communication Texting allows customers to wait for service almost anywhere, and provides a convenient way to register for service, track their wait, and request more time.

Personalized Queue Display
Customers can enter a service queue from virtually anywhere using a quick text message, then keep track of their progress using their personalized queue page.

Mobile Service Agent App
Even service employees can be freed from a desk or counter. Using Qtrac VR’s mobile app, service agents can call and help customers from virtually anywhere.

Multiple Customer Touchpoints

Mobile Texting
Texting provides an instant, two-way communication with your customer, whether providing important queue information or a personalized message.

Mobile App
Integrated directly into your mobile app, Qtrac VR is instantly available to your most loyal customers, whether they need service or just want to check current wait times.

On your web site, Qtrac VR extends your customers’ experience to include service appointments and current wait times. It can even be integrated with in-store pick-up.

Kiosk-based tickets provide valuable queue and service information and can also be used to print personalized messages to enhance marketing and promotion.

Digital Signage
Qtrac VR Queue Displays are the perfect platform to feature slideshows or videos highlighting important customer information or your latest marketing programs.


The Qtrac Online Scheduler enables customers to reserve a service appointment at anytime, anywhere. They can see all facilities near them offering the service they need, then book a convenient time to come in. Email or text reminders can be set up to notify customers when their appointment is near.


  • Any data point can be used as a condition for a visual alert on the Service Screen
  • Transfer customers, and all their data, to another queue.
  • Prioritise a customer to any spot in the queue at any time.
  • Requeue manually instead of using the auto requeue feature.
  • Edit customer info or add notes to their ticket at any time.

Waiting customers can be grouped manually or by data heading, simply by dragging and dropping a header into the group box. Customer groups can then be handled in a single action using any of the function buttons such as transfer or prioritize. Automatic workflows can be set to transfer customers to a new service once the current service is complete, moving them (and all their data) seamlessly to the new queue without re-registering.

Real-time dashboards and historical reports help manage and optimize the customer journey, day-to-day and into the future. And a powerful Report Query tool enables managers to create reports on the fly using any of Qtrac VR’s data points.


Appointment (optional)
Before arriving at your business, customers can make an  appointment for service. Appointments, made online or through a mobile app using QtracVR’s scheduling software, can allow you to better manage your service workload and employee scheduling. And, of course, scheduled appointments offer customers a way to drastically reduce wait times the day of service.

Customers register for service at a kiosk, tablet, or mobile device. The registration process can be off-site or on-premises, self-service or completed by a host. It can be as simple as swiping a loyalty card at a kiosk or offer a more complex process of questions, answers and information gathering. Customers with appointments
use the registration point as a way to check-in and let the business know they’ve arrived.

Communicate Expectations
Customer touchpoints allow businesses to set expectations, interact with the customer, and enhance the customer experience. Appointment confirmations and reminders keep communication open using email and text-messaging. Printed registration tickets or text confirmations can provide estimated wait times and other important notices. And digital signage and text-messaging can provide queue, wait, and service updates as well as targeted marketing opportunities.

Manage Queues and Customers

Behind the scenes, service agents and managers can see the whole picture, or just their own service area. Waiting customers and service queues are viewed on PC’s or tablets and can be managed, grouped, and sorted. Customers can be transferred to other queues, moved up or down in the queue, prioritized for service, and much more. Alerts and notes instantly notify service agents of customers with long waits or special needs. And live dashboards help managers see what’s going on in the queues right now.

Call for Service
Customers are hailed to service counters or areas via text message or LCD screens
displaying the customer’s name or call number. The system can requeue no-show customers, or delete repeated no-shows from the system. Using 2-way text-messaging,
customers can even ask for more time if they’re not quite ready for service, or ask to be
removed from the queue entirely.

By calling the customer, the service duration is measured for each service type  customers can give instant feedback on the service through their smartphone.

Optimise Efficiency & Productivity
QtracVR is always collecting data — customer counts, wait times, service loads, service times, and much more. Gathering this data into useful and productive reports is at the heart of the VR system. Real-time dashboards and alerts allow you to react before problems on the floor get out of hand and historical reports reveal trends, problems, and opportunities to help increase service productivity, optimize efficiency, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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