Queue Monitoring

Measuring the customer flow in queues

Electronic measurement of passenger flow in queues is the key to optimizing processes. In comparison to random observation, measurement guarantees consistent and reliable data.

Sensors detect the access and exit from the queue and the passenger flow within it.

Using statistical methods, the KPI of the queue can be determined based on ‘First In, First Out’. By strategically positioning the sensors, their number and the associated costs can be reduced.


Via Guide Queue Monitoring powered by Qmetrix are solutions to measure key performance indicators (KPI) of queues in real-time.

Depending on the situation and the requirements, we would use our ceiling based 3D sensor or Wireless Queue Sensor which is seamlessly integrated to our Beltrac posts. Additionally, it is also possible to integrate third-party data.

All the gathered data is available in real-time and historically, for in-depth analytics.

Avoid long waiting times by improving the staff planning with reliable forecasts! Balance passengers between several areas to avoid waiting times in real-time! Measure the performance of your team or your contractors!



  • Check-in
  • Security Control
  • Immigration
  • Taxi Queue
  • Queue Overflow/Contingency


  • Retail
  • Public transport
  • Public services
  • Health care
  • Theme park


Our goal in measuring queue KPI is to have a simple and cost- effective solution for customers. Compared to other products on the market we are not tracking passengers through the queue, which requires a high number of sensors, in order to cover the whole queue.

Our method is based on the ‘First In, First Out’ principle. This allows us to position counting points at relevant positions, such as entries, exits and junctions, which reduces the number of sensors enormously. Depending on the requirements, we can rely in one or two different sensors or in the usage of existing third-party data.


The following data is determined: access rate, service rate, queue length, filling level and waiting time. If measurements are taken close to the individual service positions (e.g. counters or security control lanes), extended data can be determined: use of the service positions, transaction duration, idle times between transactions, and group sizes.

All the data can be analysed with the web-based Qmetrix Analytics platform with many standard reports.

Our proven Software as a Service guarantees the availability and the security of your data, which is hosted in the data centre of an Austrian Bank. As an alternative, it can be hosted locally on customer’s server.

All data is available in real-time. This allows for displaying real -time information about waiting times to passengers or get notified with alerts when waiting times are exceeding.DATA

The WQI is an infrared sensor integrated into a Beltrac post which counts every passing person, detects the walking direction and measures the speed. The data is then sent to the data controller via radio data transmission. The built-in rechargeable batteries have a runtime of six to eight months. The use of the WQI enables fast commissioning without any major installation effort and an independent study revealed a counting accuracy of 96%.

Compared to stereo video systems, this 3D laser sensor is completely independent from light. This means, it is not affected by direct sunlight, shadows or reflections. The sensor is optically unobtrusive and only requires a PoE connection. The counting accuracy is higher than 98%.

Our counting portal offers a combination of high quality counting and flexibility. The sensor is located overhead on the portal behind the panel with the queue identification. This eliminates high installation costs. As an option, a screen can also display dynamic content, such as the current waiting time.

In addition to our sensors, data from third-party systems can be integrated to our measurement. This can either save sensors or improve data quality. The following data can be integrated by us: sensors of other manufacturers, boarding pass readers or eGates. The prerequisite for this is that the data is available in real-time.

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