Service Flow Monitoring

Digitalisation of Service Processes

Measure the most relevant KPI of the service processes – like service duration, number of customers, group sizes, usage of counters – to improve the efficiency and service quality.

Sensors at service desks, check-out or security checkpoint identify persons at the service position and measure their dwell including start and end of the service process.

The generated KPI are transmitted to our webservers, where the data can be analysed. This gives the possibility to learn about the processes and improve the forward planning of personnel resources.

Real-time dashboards and notifications allow for reacting when defined thresholds are exceeded.

  • Service desks
  • Information counter
  • Receptions/front desks
  • Ticketing counter
  • Check-in desks
  • Security checkpoint
  • Check-out

The following data is determined: service start time, service end time, group size, counter usage.

All data is uploaded and calculated on the Qmetrix webservers, where the data is stored and aggregated.

All data is available in real-time. This allows for displaying real-time information about waiting times to passengers or get notified with alerts when waiting times are exceeding.

All the data can be analysed with the web-based Qmetrix Analytics platform with many standard reports.

Unlike stereo video systems, this 3D laser sensor is completely independent of light and is therefore not affected by direct sunlight, shadows or reflections. The sensor is optically unobtrusive, requires only a PoE connection and is mounted to the ceiling. Its counting accuracy is higher than 98%.

A simple to install infra-red sensor that is mounted at or above the desk, which monitors the area in front of it.

In addition to our sensors, data from third-party systems can be integrated to our measurement. This can either save sensors or improve data quality. The following data can be integrated by us: sensors of other manufacturers, boarding pass readers or eGates. The prerequisite for this is that the data is available in real-time.

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