Safety Control

Surveillance and monitoring of safety relevant situations

Saftey monitoring by staff is normally very ineffective. Therefore, our electronic safety solutions are a cost-saving, safe way of autmating safety processes.


Access Control

Access Contol manages the access to restricted areas. ID card readers or remote control trigger our Smart Gates to open for access and close afterwards again. Optional sensor, monitor the correct access.

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Wrong Way Detection

When there are one-way systems in place, sensor of our Wrong Way Detection solution can observe the area and trigger alerts in case of persons walking into the wrong direction.

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Screening Randomiser

The security screening of airport employees is subject to special regulations. A certain rate persons need to be screened for metals, while the rest is for explosives. Our Screening Randomiser gurantees to fulfill the requireed quota with an unpredictable algorithm. The system shows the selcted screening to staff and triggers an alarm in case the person is going to the wrong screening.

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