Nextrac Doors

Door systems for the NeXtrac partition wall system

The doors can be integrated into the partition wall elements according to customer specifications. From magnetic solutions for locking doors with emergency exit function, to the use of standard door locks, to the integration of a door alarm system. The NeXtrac system offers many possible solutions.

Classic/Extend post with roll height:

0,50 m; 1,00 m; 1,50 m; 2,00 m; 2,50 m

Crossbar straight barrier width:

0,50 m; 1,00 m; 1,50 m; 2,00 m


Filling material:

Acrylic glass, acrylic glass as per B1 Fire Protection Certificate, aluminium composite panels (with or without imprint), banners (with or without imprint)

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