Merchandising and Shop Systems.

>> Post Beltrac Classic/Extend can be combined with NeXtrac walls, acrylic bowles or advertisement frames to an ideal merchandising system within waiting and/or cashier areas.

Please feel free to contact us for further consultancy.


Classic/Extend post with height: 1,00 m; 1,50 m; 2,00 m

Crossbar straight barrier with width: 0,50 m; 1,00 m; 1,50 m; 2,00 m


Merchandising wall with height: 0,90 m

Merchandising wall with width: 1,00 m; 1,50 m


Acrylic bowl with diametre: 30 cm; 42 cm (mounting on top or lateral rotating arm fixation)


The NeXtrac elements can be combined with promotional posts to achieve a discretion area. So discretionand merchandising of products can be connected.     Die NeXtrac-Elemente kombiniert mit Standpfosten können zu einem Diskretionsbereich konfiguriert werden. Der zusätzliche Einsatz von Warenpräsentationen bietet die Kombination aus Diskretion und Absatzförderung der Produkte.

Merchandising wall with height:  1,80 m

Merchandising wall with width:   0,70 m