Access Control


This solution manages the access to restricted areas. A device triggers the opening of our Smart Gate to let persons into an area, which closes again after entering.

The restricted area can be separated with Nextrac barriers, so that the access control is perfectly integrated to it.

The Smart Gate can be triggered with remote controls, with RFID or with third-party card readers.



•  Access for PRM to waiting queues
•  Service and staff entries to queues
•  Exits from arrivals
•  Lounge entries

Other Industries
- Entrance Office Buildings
- Entrance Factories


One or multiple Smart Gates close a restricted area. Depending on the use case, the Smart Gate might have one, two or four blades. Even two Smart Gates opposite each other can be triggered, creating a wide access.

To guarantee 100% availability, it is necessary to use permanent power with the Smart Gate.

To open the Smart Gate, one of the triggers needs to be activated. Depending on the application, the following options are available:

  • Remote control: for easy opening of the Smart Gate.
  • RFID: using our RFID cards
  • or chips for multiple persons being allowed to access
  • Third-party card reader: any cardreader that creates an opening contact can be used. This allows for  using airport ID cards, so that only certain ID cards (e.g. for PRM services) can access to the restricted area.

After accessing the area, the Smart Gates closes again. Additionally, sensors can monitor the correct access and can trigger optical and acoustical alert if necessary. The included cellular modem guarantees a remote access for maintenance of the system.


The gate can be opened by RFID chips or cards. The RFID reader is integrated into a Beltrac post. When granting entrance, the RFID reader triggers the Smart Gate to open, which automatically closes again after several seconds. As an alternative, a card reader provided by the customer can also be applied.

One or several remote controls open the Smart Gate after pushing the opening button. Afterwards, the Smart Gate either closes automatically or by pushing the button again.

The Smart Gate is a revolving door integrated into a Beltrac post. Depending on the situation, up to four blades close the area for people. When granted entrance the revolving doors opens at a speed of two seconds per 90° and then closes again. In case of unallowed entry attempts, an acoustical alarm is being activated.

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