Via Guide‘s Screening Randomiser is a solution to improve the process of the security checks of staff and crew.

The Randomiser decides in real-time if a person should be checked for explosives or at the metal detectors. The decision is completely unpredictable, but guarantees the fulfillment of a certain percentage on the long-term quotas, which are part of the authorities’ security regulations. These quotas are logged and are available for analysis.

The Screening Randomiser is a fully integrated solution, which includes sensors, traffic light systems, acoustical and visual alarms, as well as barriers. Compared to manual systems, the Screening Randomiser has normally an ROI of 6-12 months and guarantees the fulfillment of the regulations.



  •  Hand luggage control
  •  Staff and crew control


The security checks of staff and crew are subject to special regulations. A certain percentage of all persons must be inspected with the metal detector, while the remaining persons are only checked for explosives.

Our algorithm randomly determines if a person needs to go to the metal detector or explosives test. A traffic-light system indicates which way the person should go. Sensors determine whether the person is walking in the correct direction and give a visual and audible alarm if necessary.

The algorithm is unpredictable, cannot be manipulated and meets the fixed quota in the long run. It is permanently logged and is available for analysis. The Screening Randomiser has been approved for this application by the German Federal Aviation Authority.

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