The passage from restricted to unrestricted areas normally needs to be observed. In order to guarantee a quick throughput, doors are normally open. As a disadvantage, people might illegally can access to these restricted areas. Therefore, often staff is being used to observe these exits 24/7 for a very high price. The Wrong Way Detection is a sensor-based system that observes the exit for people walking into the wrong direction. In case of a forbidden access, the sensor triggers a silent, acoustical or visual alarm. It is also possible to trigger automated doors with it.


One or multiple Qmetrix Ranging Sensor (QRS) is placed on the ceiling of the aisle or door that needs to be observed. The sensor identifies persons and the direction they are walking.

When walking over a virtual threshold line the sensor triggers to local Alarm Unit, which returns an optical and/or acoustical alarm, or it triggers any kind of third-party alert – locally or remote (e.g. in the Terminal Operations Centre).


The Smart Gate is a revolving door integrated into a Beltrac post. It opens automatically, when a person approaches it and then closes again. The opening and closing rotation has a speed of two seconds per 90°. In case of unallowed entry attempts, an acoustical alarm is being activated.

Compared to stereo video systems, this 3D laser sensor is completely independent from light. This means, it is not affected by direct sunlight, shadows or reflections. The sensor is optically unobtrusive and only requires a PoE connection.

The detection accuracy is higher than 98%.

The local Controller Unit triggers the Alarm Unit or the external third-party alarm based on the rules and the information of the sensor.

When triggered by the controller unit, the Alarm Unit emits an acoustical alert with a maximum of 120 dB.

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