Via Guide is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 140001 (environmental management). That ensures us to provide a high, consistent product quality - with the guarantee of a resource-saving production process.

Keep knights at distance! Our Beltrac belt posts are ideal for guiding visitors in museums and protecting exhibits.

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All our products are manufactured in our factory in Arnsberg. We obtain the raw materials for this almost exclusively from European suppliers. This guarantees high product quality, product durability, short delivery times and constant availability.

When repairing hybrid and electric vehicles, cordoning off and marking the storage area and work area are mandatory for safety reasons. Our Beltrac Safety posts help with that!

Hummel, Hummel - Mors, Mors! Our team has successfully equipped the check-in at Hamburg Airport with our Beltrac Classic.

We are very happy about our new customer!

Upside down - the queue of red Beltrac Extend belt posts is reflected in the imposing glass façade of the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

We wish Switzerland all the best at the Expo and are proud to be part of your pavilion.

One of the first customers to receive our new JetTrac is Olbia Airport, where it is already in use on the apron.

With two times 25 metres of belt length, one JetTrac can cordon off an entire Boeing 737-800 from the front to the rear stairs. This guarantees safety during boarding.

No more manual alignment of the posts with the Beltrac magnetic base! The base plate is simply fixed to the ground with an adhesive foil or with a screw. Depending on the thickness of the steel plate, the pull-off force at a height of 1 metre is at least 13 kg.

A safe ski season requires efficient and safe passenger guidance in the cable car stations. Our Beltrac belt posts are produced in Germany and can therefore be delivered on short notice. With this, we help to get the ski season off to a good start.

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Our Beltrac Safety belt barriers cordon off areas in any work environment to ensure safety for employees and visitors.

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Eno, Thilo, Daniel and Anton from our team installed numerous posts and partitions in the newly built Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport and left a satisfied customer.

Thank you, guys!

Our team in action! Andreas and Thomas successfully installed the equipment for our client in Malta and left everything clean afterwards.

The Maltese National Blood Transfusion Service is now using our solution to organise donor queues at its three blood donation centres. Donors can select appointments to donate online and register at the sites using their smartphone. When it is their turn to donate, they receive a text message to show up at the donor couch.

Happy birthday! 30 years ago, our partner Lavi Industries developed the aluminium profile with its vertical grooves of our Beltrac Classic. Together with the magnetic base and the rotating belt cassette, the Beltrac Classic is the leading product for guiding and protecting people.

Temporary barriers for construction and repair work in public areas can also look good!

Our barrier posts from the Beltrac Saftey line meet the requirements for outdoor use, are flexible in handling and guarantee safety.

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Faster boarding thanks to signage on the apron. Our JetSign is made of wind-permeable material, has a stable base, but can be moved easily due to the wheels. This makes it easier for passengers to find the right entrance, reducing boarding delays.

If you want to know more about this product, contact our team!

Flexible and effective signage - that's what our Beltrac Telescopic signpost guarantees.

The post can be extended to a length of two metres so that the information on the attached sign frame is visible even in crowded areas.

Contact us for more information!

With two times 25 metres of belt, a JetTrac can block off an entire Boeing 737-800 from the front to the rear stairs. This guarantees safety during boarding.

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Safety during boarding and short turnaround times. Our innovative product concept defines safe walkways for passengers on the apron and delimits dangerous areas. As a result, we contribute to a fast and efficient handling process on the apron.

If you are interested in this innovation solution, please contact our team. We are happy to be at your service.

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With the increasing transfer of banking transactions to self-service terminals, customers increasingly have a need for discretion at the machines. With NexTrac, flexible and stable partition walls can be built.

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Innovation for our customers. The Beltrac Twist's belt cassette always follows the target post of the belt without the belt being wrapped around the post. In fixed queues, it therefore cuts a fine figure with maximum flexibility. Clever, isn't it?

The Beltrac Twist is already successfully in use at several airports in Europe. Contact our team for more information!

The upcoming 2021/22 football season with the return of supporters to the stadiums is characterised by increased security measures.

With our people guidance systems, spectators, athletes, journalists and other participants can be selectively controlled and separated from each other.

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From the smallest islands to the highest mountains, we are proud that we can deliver our goods anywhere in Europe.

Whether we deliver in boxes or on pallets, all goods are double-checked and documented by our logistics team to ensure our customers receive what they ordered.

As short as possible, as long as necessary. This is how walkways in a queue should be. The change of walkways can now be standardised and automated with our Smart Gates - fully automated by sensors or centrally controlled via a web interface. This improves the process and saves money.

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Utility rooms, storage space, booths and other rooms can be built with our Nextrac partition wall system. Due to the magnetic fixation of the supporting posts, the rooms can be quickly erected and dismantled again, and the costs are much lower compared to drywall.

We take care of the planning for you. Contact our experts for assistance!

Our newly designed JetTrac belt mechanism is an ideal solution for cordoning off areas indoors and outdoors to improve safety. It impresses with the following features:

- Belt extraction length of 25 metres
- Durable and weatherproof belt mechanism
- Permanent or temporary attachment to walls or other structures
- Brake function when the belt retracts to prevent injury or damage to the belt and housing
- Optional belt stop to reduce fluttering of the belt in strong winds

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our JetTrac!

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Monitor illegal access to restricted areas electronically with our Wrong Way Detection. To ensure fast passage from restricted to public areas, passageways are usually open. Wrong Way Detection is a sensor-based system that monitors the exit for people going the wrong way. In the event of a prohibited entry, the sensor triggers a silent, acoustic or visual alarm, or it closes automated doors.

We are happy to offer you an individual solution! Contact our team for more information!

Order and safety at the entrance to ropeways and chairlifts - that's what our Beltrac belt posts provide. The colours of the posts and webbing offer good visibility in sun, rain and fog. The materials used ensure that they can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions.

Our short delivery times allow you to secure your accesses and stations soon. Contact us today!

Our employee Gleb Slusarenko has been part of the Via Guide team for 10 years. Whether in production, logistics or assembly - Gleb always lends a hand.

Managing partner Wilm-Hendric Cronenberg, managing director Andreas Schnieder and works council member Essam Köpper thanked Gleb for his ten years of service and his commitment with a gift basket.

Thank you, Gleb! Continue the good work!

Safety for passengers while boarding the aircraft - this is guaranteed by the brand-new JetTrac. Daniel Lotà presents the easy handling and innovations of the latest generation of JetTrac.

If you are interested in this product, please contact our sales team!

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Via Guide Traditional fits seamlessly into architecturally sophisticated environments due to its timeless, linear form.

With our high quality traditional public guidance system, it is easy to create a superior impression on you patrons. Choose from a variety of traditional models and combine the posts with polypropylene or velvet cords.

Our team will be happy to advise you on the possible applications!

Overcrowded areas have a negative impact on safety and comfort. Our Capacity Monitoring solution constantly counts the flow of people and calculates the filling level of an area - highly accurate and in real time.

- Adjust your short-term staffing
- Avoid overcrowding by using traffic lights
- Sell free capacity
- Adjust pricing based on occupancy levels

Our solution is easy to install, proven in retail and airport environments, and typically has a quick return on investment.

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Rising prices for barrier posts? Long delivery times? Not with us! Despite rising raw material prices, we guarantee current prices until the end of 2021. Continue to benefit from our short delivery times!

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Create special waiting areas with low installation effort and high flexibility with our Nextrac partition system and Beltrac belt barriers.

Passengers with special needs such as PRM (passengers with reduced mobility) or UM (unaccompanied minors) also require special waiting areas. With our systems, these can be easily set up and are flexible when they need to be extended, moved or removed. They also fit seamlessly into your environment.

Take a look at the examples at the airports in Düsseldorf, Newcastle and Paris-Orly!

Contact our team! We are happy to create your personal planning.

The JetCart was developed to improve the handling process during aircraft turnarounds and to easily secure the restricted area.

It provides storage for up to 10 pylons, 8-10 chocks and a waste bin (FOD) with lid. The two belt cassettes, each with a extension length of 25 m, allow aircraft types up to the Boeing 737-800 to be secured with a JetCart.

The entire cart can be easily pulled by hand. Alternatively, it is approved for towing with vehicles up to 6 kph. The trolley was developed together with an experienced manufacturer for Ground Support Equipment (GSE).

Contact us for more information!

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Marketing, customer information or safety instructions - our belts can generate additional value through digital printing.

Beltrac post and wall mount belts can be imprinted with text, logos or multi-coloured photos. Thanks to our advanced printing techniques, a wide range of imprint options is possible.

We can adopt the colours of your corporate design based on CMYK, Pantone or HKS. Logos or images can be transmitted as vectorised files, pixel files or as image files. Our design team then creates the ideal belt design for you and subsequently prints the belts in our own belt printing plant.

Contact our team for an expert consultation!

Good signage improves passenger flow - that was the result of a study after installing our signage portals at the immigration queues of a British airport. There, we solved the wayfinding to the right queues depending on nationalities without creating congestion in front of the queues.

In addition, good signage also improves the quality of service for passengers and the duration of services when there is an explanation of the upcoming service process.

Depending on your specific situation, we offer different signage solutions, such as the Telescopic Signpost, Signage Portals and the Sign Frames.

Contact our team to find the ideal solution for you!

Waiting visitors in front of museums and sights will soon be back. With our Beltrac Outdoor, queues can be built safely and comfortably.

The Beltrac Outdoor made of plastic has a belt extension length of 3.7 m, weighs a maximum of 9.5 kg and is available in the colours black, red and yellow. This makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Do you need an outdoor solution? Get in touch today!

Cinemas are reopening in many countries. For a safe operation, Beltrac belt posts provide efficient queuing and security barriers for different areas of cinemas.

Thank you UGC ( and Cine-Sign ( for trusting in our solutions!

Contact us for your personal solution!

Our Smart Gates are used at Hannover Airport to control access to the queue for specific passenger groups and for staff. At the same time, these are also the emergency exits from the queue.

The Smart Gate is integrated into our Beltrac post and can be controlled via radio. Its features allow it to control access to restricted areas or direct customers within the queue.

Contact our team for other possible applications!

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Structure, pleasant appearance and stability - all these requirements are created by our passenger guidance systems. The Beltrac belt posts with magnetic base guarantee to remain in the desired position and hence create a neat appearance.

The comparison of the boarding gates at Budapest Airport before and after equipping them with Beltrac belt posts and Nextrac partitions are a great example of the difference quality products make.

Our team will be happy to advise you!

Improve safety on stopped escalators and moving walkways with our Beltrac wall mounted belt system!

These are easy to attach at the beginning and end of the escalator. The 5 or 10 cm high belt prevents people from entering the escalator or moving walkway.

Contact our team and learn more about the application possibilities!

More information via this link: Wall Mount


With an extension length of 25 metres, our newly designed JetTrac is an ideal solution for cordoning off areas in factories or warehouses. The durable and weatherproof belt mechanism can be mounted permanently or temporarily on walls or other structures.

Many thanks to our colleagues at athmer ( for providing a perfect shooting location in their factory!

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our JetTrac!

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Thilo and Christoph from our installation team have done a great job with the installation of 150 Beltrac posts with Twist Head at the security in Terminal 2 of Berlin Brandenburg Airport. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the new terminal can be opened soon.

Thank you, Thilo and Christoph!

We are very proud that 100% of our factory's energy is generated by our own hydroelectric power plant. This makes our production emission-free and has no carbon footprint. The turbine was built by Voith in 1922 and has been in operation ever since. The water used to generate electricity comes from the river Röhr.

The Extendable Barrier regulates and directs many moving people according to the set routes. It offers the possibility of closing access to a road, a passage, a doorway or stairwell. As it can be easily operated by a single person, a quick opening and closing of walkways or roads for pedestrians and vehicles is possible.

Typical applications:
- Walkway on apron
- Passage from terminal to aircraft
- Airport terminal
- Temporary construction areas indoor and outdoor

The Extendable Barriers are available in eight different length from 4 up to 13.3 m.

Contact our team for your personal offer!

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On-time delivery is not enough for us! Our service ends when your system has been successfully put into operation. We are happy to provide installation and assembly of queues, partition walls, information systems or electronic systems throughout Europe with our assembly teams. Whatever the time of day or night, installation is quick, clean and accurate so that your operation is not disrupted.

Contact us for more information!

Since our start of business in 2004, Via Guide and our joint venture partner Lavi Industries ( have built a very close working relationship to identify global trends and for implementing them in product innovations.

Lavi Industries was founded in 1979 and is the leading manufacturer of queue management technologies and customer flow solutions in North America. The product range includes queue management technology, crowd control and queuing, store fixtures and merchandising, and premium railing systems.

For quick service supply at airports, our mobile counter offers flexibility, security and a professional appearance.

The integrated wheels make it easy to move the mobile counter to the place of use and secure it there with the brakes. It can be combined with our barrier posts and is therefore suitable for controlling access to queues. The optional sneeze guard reduces the risk of infection to passengers and staff.

The following applications, among others, are suitable for the mobile counter:
- Information counter
- Vaccination certificate inspection
- Covid test inspection
- Pre-boarding

Contact our team for further information!

The history of Via Guide's parent company - Julius Cronenberg Sophienhammer - dates back to 1711, when it was founded as a scythe hammer. Our own factory building is one of the oldest buildings at Sophienhammer in Arnsberg-Müschede, where all our products are manufactured and assembled.

We are proud to be part of the Cronenberg Group with its more than 300 years of history.

To ensure safety of guests in resorts and hotels, people guidance plays an important role. We offer belt barriers and mobile partition walls to improve customer flow and safety in all guest areas – including reception, buffets in restaurants, pools and others.

We would be happy to work out your personal solution. Contact our team!

Our new belt barrier Beltrac Outdoor with ground anchor provides professional protection for dangerous or work sites in the terrain.

Whether forest or field, snow or ice, golf courses or parks - the ground anchor is simply screwed into the ground and is thus stable and safe.

If you want to know more, just connect with our team!

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Queues in front of shops are one of the deciding factors whether a customer enters a shop or not. Thus, it is important that the queue gives a positive first impression of the shop. This is achieved with a clear structure and robust barrier posts.

Our Beltrac Outdoor made of plastic has a belt extension length of 3.7 m, weighs a maximum of 9.5 kg and is available in the colours black, red and yellow. This makes it perfect for outdoor use.

If you would like to know more about the possibilities of outdoor queues, please contact our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

More information via this link: Beltrac Outdoor


Tesla has granted independent car repair shops access to repair information as well as diagnostic and programming software. As it is obligatory to cordon off and mark the storage area and work area for safety reasons when repairing hybrid and electric vehicles, independent garages must now also take care of these safety requirements.

The belt barriers from our Beltrac range impress with their durability and the possibility of using them indoors and outdoors. Thanks to our ISO-certified production in Germany, we guarantee high quality and short delivery times throughout Europe.

We will be happy to advise you and work out an optimal solution for you. Contact our team!

More information via this link: Beltrac Product Range

Some activities in factories require temporary barriers to protect employees or machinery. Our Beltrac Safety made of aluminium offers a belt length of up to 3.7 metres and provides high stability with 13 kg. The post in yellow or red and the striped belt offer high visibility even in dark conditions. The Beltrac Outdoor is made of plastic and weighs max. 9.5 kg. It also has a belt length of 3.7 m and is perfect for outdoor use.

If you like to learn more about our safety product, feel free to contact our team!

More information via this link: Beltrac Product Range

No matter what is being produced in a factory, safety should always be a top priority. For permanent use, our Beltrac posts in combination with our Nextrac crossbars or Nextrac filling elements can easily block off areas. This solution is stable, flexible and easy to install.

We will be happy to consult you for your personal solution!

More information via this link: Nextrac Dividing Walls

The new waiting experience for your customers to increase efficiency and service quality.

  • Planning of customers through appointment allocation
  • Managing of available employees
  • Registration for specific services by the customer
  • No standing in line
  • No extra hardware - everything via smartphone

Contact our team for more information at or +492932477177!

More information via this link: Virtual Queueing


To improve the passenger flow in the terminal, Zagreb Airport has separated the flow of arriving and departing passengers. The solution with our Nextrac partition wall was easy to build and fits in perfectly to the general appearance of the terminal.

The Nextrac partition walls are available for heights up to 3 meters and can cater nearly every customer requirement where it is necessary to cordon off areas.

For further information, please contact our team at or +492932477177.

Terminal T2B at Paris CDG is waiting for its reopening after its renovation. Our installation team has equipped all queuing areas in the terminal with our Beltrac Classic belt barriers. Their magnetic bases and the additional Nextrac partition walls allow a clean impression for passengers, a reliable queuing process with a high throughput and makes the frequent alignment of posts unnecessary.

For further information, please contact our team at or +492932477177.

Planning for a return to regular passenger traffic with reduced resources is the current challenge for most airports around the world. At the annual National Aviation Infrastructure Show (NAIS) this week in Moscow, our Russian team received a lot of positive feedback for our solutions. These improve passenger flow with limited resources. Our Beltrac belt posts with magnetic base no longer need to be aligned, while our Queue Control solution fully automates passenger flow within queues.

Contact our team for more details at!

Due to the 150-year history of our group of companies at our location, we are closely connected to the city of Arnsberg and the Sauerland region. For this reason, we are very happy when we can realise projects in our region: This week we equipped the St. Ursula Gymnasium in Arnsberg-Neheim with Beltrac belt posts to enable a safe school registration.

Please contact our team for further information! Beltrac overview

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Smooth-running processes are the key for short turnarounds at airports. The new Via Guide JetCart was developed to improve the handling processes at the parking position during boarding passengers.

Designed for outdoor use in a wide range of weather conditions, it is suitable for the quick separation of dangerous areas around the aircraft during boarding. The two integrated and rotatable belt mechanisms a total length of 50 m can easily be locked. Furthermore, the system offers storage possibilities for up to 10 pylons, 8-10 chocks and a waste bin with a lid.

Contact us for more information!

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The combination of our Beltrac Classic/Extend post and the Nextrac Crossbar and filling elements, such as safety glass, acrylic glass, aluminium composite panels or banners, allows to create partition walls easily.

From permanently mounted partition wall systems to doors with or without emergency exit function, the flexibility of possible combinations allows to meet nearly any #customer requirement.

Have a look at some examples of our international customers in our video!

Contact us for more information!

Nextrac - Dividing Wall, Door and Room System



In museums, public guidance systems need to fit seamlessly into the ambience. Whether classic, modern or extraordinary - our Beltrac belt posts as well as our Traditional rope posts match with any type of museum. This guarantees an efficient visitor guidance and a protection of the exhibits. Many museums already use our products, among them the Louvre in Paris, the Sauerland-Museum in Arnsberg or the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

Contact our team for more details!

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As a customer of our Beltrac Classic belt posts, you can quickly convert them into partition walls. This allows you to separate service positions at cash desks, counters or self-service terminals from each other or to separate gangways from queues. For the safety of your customers! Thanks to the safety glass, which is used, the area still remains visible and thus it does not look confining.

Contact us for further information!

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Copenhagen Airport operates a fully automated queue at its security checkpoints, where sensors constantly measure the passenger flow. The sophisticated algorithm by our partner Qmetrix triggers our Smart Gates to balance passengers between sections of the queue or to reduce walkways when possible. At the exits, screens indicate the next available check point to the passengers.

This integrated Via Guide solution improves the service quality and dispenses the need for intervention by staff.

See this impressing video and convince yourself about the features!

Efficiency in terms of safety! The JetTrac Airport Trolley clearly defines the safety areas on the airport apron for passengers during boarding and disembarking and quickly locks dangerous areas. JetTrac was developed for outdoor use in any weather condition. The two durable and weatherproof belt mechanisms have expansion lengths of each 25 metres and thanks to its low centre of gravity the JetTrac is easy to use. Very large areas can easily be locked by a single person within some minutes.

Many Airports, like Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol, Brussels Charleroi, and London City already rely on this efficient solution.

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A study from 2017 showed that quality management systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 bring the following benefits to certified companies: Maintaining or increasing of competitiveness, improved processes, more efficient use of resources, reduction of environmental impact, improved methodological competence by the increased use of KPI systems.

Via Guide is certified according to ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 14001 (environmental management). This enables us to provide a high, consistent product quality - with the guarantee of a resource-saving production process.

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The return to usual passenger traffic will be a major challenge for airports.
Our NeXtrac partition wall system can flexibly and with minimal effort be used as a room system or as a separation of waiting or service areas. This allows physical distance as well as security and protection, while maintaining a view of the queue. The partition walls can be used in combination with our Beltrac belt posts, offering a complete solution.

The belt material of the Beltrac belt posts and our Wall Mounts can individually be printed with a logo, short information texts or even multi-coloured photo printing. Our sign frames in different dimensions can be placed on the Beltrac belt posts and locked in different positions due to the swivel adapters and be flexibly equipped with current information.

We will be happy to advise you!

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The entire team of Via Guide wishes a Merry Christmas Season and a Happy New Year to all customers, partners, suppliers, employees and followers. We are looking forward to our further cooperation next year.

This year we donate to the children’s home “Kinder- und Jugendhaus Marienfrieden” in Arnsberg-Hüsten.

In Austria come anche in altri paesi la stagione sciistica attualmente è in pausa. Per un ritorno sicuro ed efficiente alle operazioni regolari, diversi operatori di funivie fanno affidamento sulle soluzioni guida persone della Via Guide. All'interno le nostre colonnine #Beltrac con base mobile garantiscono una coda efficiente e sicura. All'esterno le colonnine di plastica per esterni Beltrac possono essere utilizzate per organizzare l'accodamento all'entrata della stazione della funivia. Disponibili con base riempibile, in gomma solida o con ancoraggio/picchetto a terra, per fissaggio nella neve o al suolo.

La nostra soluzione di monitoraggio elettronico della capacità misura costantemente il numero di persone nella stazione della funivia e informa l'operatore in caso di superamento soglia di persone. Il che migliora notevolmente il sicuro funzionamento della funivia.

Guarda il video...

All Via Guide products are manufactured in our factory in Arnsberg. We obtain the raw materials for this almost exclusively from European suppliers. This enables us to guarantee high product quality, product durability, short delivery times and constant availability to meet our customers’ requirements.

We proudly present our new website!
The continuous digitalisation does not stop with us, so that we have decided in our customers’ and partners’ interest to re-launch of our digital presentation. If you did not know us by now, we would like to briefly introduce our core competencies: we are the one-stop shop customer flow systems and have the highest possible range of solutions for every situation. Our solutions are not made for companies, but for people and are designed to create a better customer experience and to improve efficiency.

The growing number of electric vehicles present new challenges to car workshops and garages. When a defective electric car is brought into the workshop it must be temporarily blocked up until it’s confirmed that it is not energised. German car manufacturers rely on the Beltrac belt post which is provided to every authorised car workshop.

As a part of the bachelor thesis of Qais Yamani, student of the Hochschule Osnabrück and born in Jordan, Qais evaluates the storage optimisation and the optimisation of production flows at Via Guide GmbH. Experience shows that the close and trustful cooperation between #science and economy reveals enormous potentials and promotes the recruitment of talents from different backgrounds at the same time. 

Our virtual queuing solution for Lufthansa has been adapted to Lufthansa’s new corporate design. At the service centers in in Frankfurt and Munich, passengers register directly by scanning their boarding passes and receive their personal waiting number. A notification on the screen indicates, when it is their turn to show up at the counter. So they can wait without standing in line. Staff can order the queue in terms of available flights or booking class, so that the rebooking can be managed very efficient. Thank you to Sebastian Kaiser for the successful support of the project!

HelloBER – We congratulate BER - Berlin Brandenburg Airport very much to the opening of the new airport. We are very proud that our long year partnership which started in TXL and SXF continues in BER.
The new terminal is equipped with our Beltrac posts and Nextrac dividing walls.
Photo: © Anikka Bauer / Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH

Unfortunately, Musée du Louvre will remain closed until 1st of December. 
WeltN24 GmbH is featuring a photo of the empty hall with Mona Lisa and our Beltrac Classic posts as picture of the day.