Industry sectors


For Airports

Maximum passenger flow

Queues at airports must meet two conflicting requirements. On the one hand, they must be stable enough to prevent posts from slipping. On the other hand, the capacities must be handled flexibly depending on the number of passengers and within the queue. The Beltrac belt post with magnetic base guarantees the stability of the belt posts. With the robust belt end pieces and the swivel head, flexible handling of the queue is always possible.

For Manufacturing

Safe and flexible

No matter what is produced in a factory, occupational safety should always be given the highest priority. For temporary measures, the Beltrac Safety series offers flexible and visually striking barriers. For more permanent facilities, the Nextrac partition walls offer excellent stable protection. A European aircraft manufacturer uses the Beltrac Safety line as a barrier during assembly and painting.

For Retail

Knowing what's going on

Whether for analysis or to ensure security (fire protection or social distancing), knowing the exact number of people in a store is easy and quick to implement with the Capacity Utilization Control solution. An internationally active discounter relies on this solution to guarantee the currently important rules of social distancing.

Pharmacies and hospitals are at the intersection of basic care, advice and sales. On the one hand, our Nextrac partition walls offer personal protection for employees, customers and patients by guaranteeing social distancing. On the other hand, the partitions can be used to present goods for impulse purchases as well as for information material. In addition, the walls can block off waiting areas in hospitals.

The growing number of electric vehicles is challenging car repairs with new challenges. When a defective electric car is brought into the car repair, it must be temporarily locked until it is certain that the body is not under power. German automobile manufacturers rely on the Beltrac Classic belt posts, which have been made available to every authorized workshop.

For Shopping Centres

Efficient cleaning

Restroom facilities are usually cleaned at regular intervals. The actual number of users and their opinion on quality is not taken into consideration. In addition to numerous international airports, well-known outlet centres use our Cleaning Control solution to optimise cleaning. This solution enables customer feedback to be queried, users to be counted and cleaning processes to be recorded. This allows for reacting quickly to quality problems and the data can be used to analyse and plan cleaning operations.

For Cruise Ships

Easy handling and seamless communication

Check-in on a cruise ship is a logistical challenge. In order to welcome the boarding passengers already with the high service quality, 75 Beltrac Classic belt posts are set up as waiting areas at check-in. The Shuttletrac makes it easier to store and transport the belt posts. The belt imprinting enables the customer to perfectly implement his corporate design already at check-in.

In summer and in winter, people seek recreation in the mountains. Hikers or skiers gather at the valley stations to get a place on the mountain railway. Our Beltrac Classic or Extend belt posts ensure an orderly queue also in this area.

For Sport Events

Zone defence

Events pose different challenges for personnel guidance systems. Via Guide systems are available for all requirements in order to direct large crowds of people into the right lanes at the entrances or to separate groups of people within the event area. Tennis Grand Slam tournaments, the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany or racetracks rely on our solutions.

In modern banks, the advisory centres are often designed as open spaces. Beltrac Classic or Extend belt posts are suitable for creating a distance for more discretion between customers at the counter and those waiting. Beltrac sign frames compatible to the posts allow information such as "Please keep your distance" to be displayed.

In cathedrals or churches, there are sometimes areas that are supposed to have limited public access. Flexible barriers can be implemented with rope posts that fit well with the surroundings.

In museums and exhibitions, posts with ropes Traditional or Beltrac belt posts with different belt lengths create distance to exhibits. So visitors cannot get too close to the masterpieces.

There are often long queues in front of ticket or information desks in stations during peak hours. Classic or Extend belt posts are ideal for organising these queues. In addition, our electronic systems also help to optimise these areas.

In town halls and public administration, many people come in personally to appointments. Classic belt posts can be used to organise waiting areas or to create controlled access. Important messages to visitors can be shown on Beltrac sign frames.