SMART SHORTCUT: Efficient (re)routing of queues

>> Queue control through the change of routing

With SMART SHORTCUT you keep queues "as short as possible and as long as necessary".

Through efficient real-time queue management by VIAGUIDE, the change of walkways is standardised, meaning you improve and accelerate waiting processes, contributing to an optimised waiting experience. The result: optimised queues with more satisfied customers, visitors or passengers.

SMART SHORTCUT is simplified in many places:

Staff opening and closing queue belts between visitors is eliminated and queue layouts are standardised and adjusted in real time. Smart Gates are controlled by remote control, web interface or fully automatically by 3D sensors that measure customer flow at all times.

The benefits of SMART SHORTCUT

  • Innovative measurement using 3D sensors
  • Optimized queues
  • Rerouting through Smart Gates (fully automatic possible)
  • Fewer personnel required

Keep an overview of the queue with sensors and automatically reroute if necessary

At the heart of our SMART SHORTCUT solutions are our Smart Gates - electronic swing gates that change position when needed and safely regulate the flow of people. SMART SHORTCUT's innovative queue metering makes waiting periods as pleasant as possible.

Customers are guided efficiently and queues are optimised. These are the features SMART SHORTCUT brings to the table:

  • Change of routes
  • Redistribution of customers within the queue
  • Activation of overflow queues


We appreciate the holistic approach to passenger management, which goes beyond pure hardware to include passenger flow control, and look forward to further expanding our partnership in the future.

Patrick Thom, M. AVIMA
Head of Terminal Operations and Customer Service Management

Via Guide - always on the safe side

More SMART GUIDANCE products


>> Digital call system

The digital call system that guides your customers in the queue to the service counter or self-service terminal, either at the touch of a button or fully automated if desired. Create perfect flows and reduce idle times.


>> The intelligent queue

SMART QUEUE is our smart queue that reliably takes the digital lead and transforms customer queuing into a perfect logistical process. A digital customer flow reduces the use of resources and offers customers a much improved waiting experience.


>> Designing access control digitally

Our digital access SMART ACCESS monitors and controls access in various areas of the airport. Passengers going the wrong way are turned back and security in general is increased, even when there is a high volume of passengers at the airport.


>> People counting system

Our people counting system records the passenger flow at the airport and measures waiting times. SMART COUNT calculates the estimated waiting time and displays the load in real time.

The optimized overall process - from the first minute to the finish

Via Guide are the only providers of a complete and integrated solution that can offer everything from a single source. From barrier posts to sensor-based fully automatic triggering swing doors to virtual queuing applications, our integrated overall concept guides your guests every step of the way.

The goal is to provide you with unique control and efficient management of all flow processes as well as flows of people, whilst creating an optimised service and waiting experience for all guests.

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