A large selection of the highest quality people guidance systems

People guidance systems ensure order and safety in public spaces. Different circumstances require different barriers and with us you’ll find effective and flexible barrier solutions for every situation. Whether it’s belt barriers to set up queues, visitor guidance systems or customer guidance, our products boast the best quality and are far more durable than most other products on the market.

Our portfolio of visitor guidance systems is used in a wide range of industries, including tourism, food & beverage, retail, events, hospitality and more. Depending on your needs you’ll find a full range of solutions for customer guidance, all of which feature timeless design and high-quality workmanship:

  • Freely configurable post and belt systems
  • Webbing cassettes for wall mounting
  • Flexible partition wall systems, with optional doors
  • Signage or attachments for all kinds of partition stands

We also produce and manufacture customer specific projects, tailored to individual requirements and designs, such as baggage sizers which help measure the dimensions and weights of hand luggage at airports.


>> Belt posts with barrier tape

BELTRAC is your reliable and flexibly adaptable post and strap system: up to 6000 variants are possible!

The mobile belt post with up to 25m extendable barrier tape. Available in a wide variety of designs and optionally with printed webbing.


>> Partition wall system

Discover the mobile partition system optionally with doors to flexibly and easily rearrange different rooms at any time.


>> Noble demarcation stand with cord

Our TRADITIONAL series combines people guidance systems with design: luxurious cord posts for classic museum use or elegant VIP barriers are also part of our range.


>> Transporter for demarcation stands

Easily transport and store belt posts. The SHUTTLETRAC post transporter is the optimal addition for your people guidance systems.


>> Frames, Signs, Post Caps

From attachment frames for telescopic posts to the rollable display, these extensions create orientation for passengers, visitors and customers - even in unclear areas.


>> Put together your individual people guidance system

Whether you need a wall-mounted belt cassette, printed webbing or a mobile barrier stand, you can configure your barrier system to suit your requirements here.

>> Configurator


>> Optimal queue control

Achieve optimal queue control fully automatically or at the touch of a button using Smart Gates, which are electronic swing gates that change the queue route as required.


>> Digital call system

The digital call system that guides your customers in the queue to the service counter or self-service terminal, either at the touch of a button or fully automated if desired. Create perfect flows and reduce idle times.


>> Information system

Enjoy more loyalty and turnover through satisfied and relaxed customers. The Virtual Queueing System informs the person waiting about their status, so that they know at any time when it’s their turn.


>> Designing access control digitally

Our digital access SMART ACCESS monitors and controls access in various areas of the airport. Passengers going the wrong way are turned back and security in general is increased, even when there is a high volume of passengers at the airport.

The optimized overall process - from the first minute to the finish

Via Guide are the only providers of a complete and integrated solution that can offer everything from a single source. From barrier posts to sensor-based fully automatic triggering swing doors to virtual queuing applications, our integrated overall concept guides your guests every step of the way.

The goal is to provide you with unique control and efficient management of all flow processes as well as flows of people, whilst creating an optimised service and waiting experience for all guests.

Do you have any questions about our guidance systems?

Contact us - we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of BELTRAC.

+49 (0) 2932 477-177 info@viaguide.de

In public areas, the use of barrier posts and guidance systems is often unavoidable in order to direct visitor flows, but also to reliably secure individual areas. There are now a wide variety of solutions that can be selected. If you are looking for personnel guidance systems that can be flexibly adapted to your needs, you can rely on us. We have developed modular barrier systems that can be configured according to your requirements, but can also be expanded again and again if necessary. Our personnel guidance systems consist of barrier posts and tapes.

Where are people guidance systems located?

We know from experience that there are countless public areas in which the use of pedestrian guidance systems is ideal. On the one hand, of course, event buildings and museums should generally be mentioned here. On the other hand, they can also be used in production and storage areas. Barrier posts can even be used here to increase work safety and avoid the risk of accidents. People guidance systems have also established themselves in the hospitality industry. They are generally used in both the catering and hotel sectors.

Put together your personal guidance systems as required

If you need new personnel guidance systems for your location, you can put together the right system for you from our various offers. You will receive a selection of partition wall systems to match the barrier posts, which can be set up flexibly. If you want more convenience, you can also choose partition systems with integrated doors. If there is not enough space available for barrier posts, you can generally also opt for a belt cassette. It can be flexibly mounted on the wall and takes up very little space.