NEXTRAC: Mobile and flexible partition system with doors or swing doors

>> Individual room solutions or partitions to cordon off areas

From permanently installed partition systems to doors with or without emergency exit function, NeXtrac's various combination options mean there are virtually no limits to possibilities.

Advantages of NEXTRAC

  • Simple assembly with little effort
  • Maximum flexibility through combination with the Beltrac belt post series
  • Aluminium partition walls
  • Large selection of inserts made of glass, acrylic glass, aluminium dibond or banners
  • Partition can be combined with doors or swing doors
  • Extensive range of accessories

Design individual rooms safely and easily with NeXtrac

Thanks to the flexible NeXtrac partition wall systems, there are hardly any limits to both the design and size of the desired rooms or partitions. From the combination of belt posts and accessories from the Beltrac series and inserts such as safety glass, acrylic glass, aluminium composite panels or banners, areas can be easily separated and individual spaces created with minimal installation effort.

Various door systems for the NeXtrac partition system

From magnetic solutions for locking doors with emergency exit function, to the use of standard door locks, to the integration of alarm systems, the NeXtrac system offers numerous options for integrating doors.

Self-closing swing doors for contactless operation

The mechanical and self-closing swing doors can be opened 90° in any direction, and is available in either single-leaf or double-leaf. The maximum passage width of the single-leaf swing door is 1.1m, and 2.1m for the double leaf version.

From stickers for windows and doors to locking systems of your choice

The matching NeXtrac accessories help complete your new solution. Stickers for windows and doors, floor plates for different mounting thicknesses and the locking systems for the doors all help round off the product range for the different areas of application.


>> Post with barrier tape

BELTRAC is your reliable and flexibly adaptable belt system: up to 6000 variants are possible!


>> Noble demarcation stand with cord

Our TRADITIONAL series combines people guidance systems with design: luxurious cord posts for classic museum use or elegant VIP barriers are also part of our range.


>> Transporter for demarcation stands

Easily transport and store belt posts. The SHUTTLETRAC post transporter is the optimal addition for your people guidance systems.


>> Frames, Signs, Post Caps

From attachment frames for telescopic posts to the rollable display, these extensions create orientation for passengers, visitors and customers - even in unclear areas.

The optimized overall process - from the first minute to the finish

Via Guide are the only providers of a complete and integrated solution that can offer everything from a single source. From barrier posts to sensor-based fully automatic triggering swing doors to virtual queuing applications, our integrated overall concept guides your guests every step of the way.

The goal is to provide you with unique control and efficient management of all flow processes as well as flows of people, whilst creating an optimised service and waiting experience for all guests.

Do you have any questions about NEXTRAC?

Contact us - we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities of NEXTRAC.

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If larger areas need to be partitioned, you need one thing above all: a well thought-out and safe system. Here you can rely on the partition wall systems offered by VIA GUIDE. Our partition wall systems are developed and manufactured in Germany. They are subject to strict quality controls so that we can guarantee you first-class workmanship and an attractive design. All our partition wall systems can be adapted to your wishes and requirements with very little effort, so that they can be visually matched to the location.

We tailor our partition wall systems to your needs

Partition wall systems can only be convincing in terms of quality if they actually fit the intended area of application. We leave nothing to chance here and are happy to tailor the solutions available here to your requirements. You can rely on the expertise and experience of our employees. Incidentally, many of the partition wall systems available from us are expandable and can be adapted to new conditions at a later date if required. When putting together your systems, you can choose from partition walls of different heights. The walls can also be easily combined with the belt posts from our range.

Elegant designs and holistic solutions

With our range, we have made it our goal to provide you with holistic partitioning solutions and room systems. All partition wall systems that leave our company are manufactured exclusively in Germany and can be individually configured. This means that you do not have to compromise on functionality and benefits. We are also the only supplier on the German market to provide you with integrated complete solutions, which are always supplied precisely tailored to your area of application. This means we can guarantee you maximum convenience right from the start. Do you have any questions? Then let our team advise you now!