People Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring the customer

Our People Monitoring are a set of different solution that measure the flow of people in real-time and calculate key performance indicators which are availbale for real-time information or for analytics.


Queue Monitoring

Queue Monitoring measures the customer flow in queues and calculates the number of people and waiting times, in real-time. This data is a valuable source for imporving the planning of servcie areas or for using the real-time data on dashboards or on public screens.

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Capacity Monitoring

Capacity Monitoring determines the number of persons in a closed area, like shops or terminals, by counting persons, when accessing and leaving. The knowledge of the occupancy allows for getting alerts, when the allowed occupancy exceeds thresholds or for selling over capacities.

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Service Flow Monitoring

Service Flow Monitoring measures customers directly at the service point and generating valuable data of the service processes. This includes the duration and number of customers of a service process and usage of servcei points.

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